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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Finally I've Done It!

A couple of years ago I had this great idea to start a baking business and now I'm here! It took me some time to finally hash out what I wanted to focus on.  And the name!  Thank you to all those who helped me brianstorm.  I started this blog to keep my fans posted on my baking adventures, and to keep you in loop on my progress as I grow my business. 

The idea first came to me when my husband Cory and I took a trip to Toronto to visit some of his family.  Cory's aunt wanted to check out this cupcake shop she had heard about.  So off we went to discover these cute little cupcakes. So pretty, so dainty, so pricey!  I couldn't believe the cost of those suckers!  From then on I've thought: "If they can do it... so can I!!!"

I have always loved to bake.  While growing up, my mom gave me the tools I needed and allowed me to experiment.  I got the confidence I needed from my siblings and my dad as they would always come a run'n when the timer went off and something hot was coming out of the oven.  I still get that - my husband is now included.

So, thank you to my husband and all my family and friends for the encouragement, support and praise I needed to make this a reality.  You are my biggest FANS!!!


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