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Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Chicks

Easter is so fun, and this year was extra great because my niece turned 8!  They grow so fast.  Sooo.....being the nice, kind, generous Auntie that I am, I figured she needed something special.  REALLY special!

My mom (another of my faithful fans) is always giving me ideas.  She saw this cupcake baking and decorating book while shopping and thought I would "love it"!  AND I DO!  There are so many FUN ideas to try. (The pages are tagged with those little post-it page markers.... stay tuned...)

When I saw some of the fun ideas in there I just had to try some.  I love to try new things and it's always great to have an event to try them out for!  Luckily for Elizabeth, her birthday was on Easter weekend so she got some extra special treats.  I called my sister-in-law and said..."you have to let me do cupcakes for Elizabeth's Birthday, I have a couple great ideas I would like to try..."  No hesitation on her part... right away she said YES!  (One less thing she had to worry about).  Here are the pictures.... so cute and yummy too!

 Here is Elizabeth, she was so excited!
 Elizabeth with her two brothers, James and Wiley, "patiently waiting"!

 Why do the girls always go for the pink icing?
Wiley digging in!  He reached in there right after Elizabeth and got the one on top! I wish I could have gotten the grin on his face as he was reaching for it.  Instead you get the "bite"!

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