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Monday, January 10, 2011

Brotherly Love

So I have a brother... well, four to be exact.. but my youngest brother, Marc, I think just might be my BIGGEST FAN - next to my ONLY sister of course!  Whenever I'm having a down day he can always cheer me up with a boost to my ego.  (Cory says this isn't good for me... wonder why...)

Here are some of his favorite Quotes:

"I love this icing, they all taste like ice cream!  AWESOME"

" doesn't matter what she brings for dessert... it's always good!"

"So Leia... you want to make me that Turtle Cake again for my birthday?"

"Get out of the way I'm first in line!"

"hmmm let me carry that for you... (now, if I could only get this to my room without anybody seeing!)"

Gotta love him.  Thanks, Marc!

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